What Seems Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day "review"

    Over the years I have been guilty of a variety of ills.  One of which has been hyperbole.  While some could claim this is not an ill but simply an expression emphasizing exaggeration.  While I could agree, I choose not to.  If you don’t say what you mean, how can you mean what you … Read moreWhat Seems Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day "review"

She's Come Undone "review"

    The term Tragedy has been used in several ways throughout human history.  Often associated with Shakespeare , many people forget the roots of the term “tragedy.”  The famous philosopher Aristotle coined the term in relation to “Tragic Pity” wherein the audience was to feel a mixture of fear and pity.  In order to have … Read moreShe's Come Undone "review"